The painted wings were moved from the paint booth & covered; making room for the fuselage. 

Mark Helping Move & Cover Painted Wings .JPG

Hinges, previously mounted on the canopy, were positioned on the fuselage and secured with taper headed bolts.  The canopy locking mechanism [3 latches, push-tubes and an added U-shaped aluminum strap to bypass the added carbon tube (9-G's for parachute deployment)] were manufactured, using a computer driven water-jet; then mounted on the fuselage longerons, aligned with canopy mounted brackets and synchronized to securely close the canopy.   

Then 3/8" OD surgical tubing, squeeze bulb with a check valve and a ball shutoff valve was secured to the fuselage with thin strips of Duct Tape every 6". Micro was then troweled around the lower 1/2 of the tube all the way around the path where the fuselage and the canopy mated.  The Saran wrapped canopy was then lowered, secured and pressurized; and allowed to cure for 24 hours.

The canopy was then popped open; and all was well, until I discovered that the canopy locking mechanism interfered with one of my IP instruments.   

On line I found a rotary latch; purchased it; modified it; and installed it on 7/21/2018. A final micro coat will complete the canopy installation.